Download BEJY Tiger

Ready to run webapps? Download BEJY Tiger - this is all you need!

Unpack archive, place your webapps into the webapps directory and start the server.

BEJY Tiger is also supported by MyEclipse since version 2.5 and empowers you to debug your JSP code!

Usage: java [-?] [-p <port:8080>] [-c <javac>] [-l <logfile:*>] [-w <webapps>]
  -?            display this message
  -c <javac>    full path to javac, 'javac' is default
  -l <logfile>  a logfile to log to, '*' is default (stdout)
  -p <port>     use this port to listen on, '8080' is default
  -shutdown     shutdowns the server running in the same webapps folder
  -w <webapps>  path to webapps directory, './webapps' is default

... go get it and use it wisely!

Send bug reports or feature requests to Me.

2004-04-16 V1.3.1.55 (223092 bytes) Most important changes:
  • @O improved startup speed
  • @O reduced memory usage
  • @N servlet container supports web.xml <security-constraint> with roles mapped to configured groups in bejy.xml
  • @N BEJY Tiger now also loads a bejy.xml, <security-constraint> are working here too.
  • @N LDAPUserGroup is working again, so roles (aka groups) can be mapped to LDAP by configuration.
2004-03-24 V1.3.1.54 (212667 bytes) Most important changes:
  • @R improved restart behaviour, if the server is down but the lock file still exists
  • @B:HTTP: fixed handling of char encoding - characterEncoding is now applied correctly
  • @B:HTTP: setting a content-type sets also charEncoding
  • @R:servlet: fixed the broken welcome file list again
  • @R:servlet: servlet loading order is applied correctly
  • @B query strings in forward/include are now applied to the request
  • @B modified the method to select the correct servlet, might be still not perfect...
2004-01-09 V1.3.1.52 (212668 bytes) Most important changes:
  • @B:JSP: JSPs have the thread context class loader initialized, this solves issues with struts.
  • @B:JSP: fixed a possible resource leak from unclosed streams
  • @R:JSP: fixed the broken welcome file list.
  • @R:JSP: Exceptions are using <pre> formatting now
  • @R:JSP: relaxed class and type name handling for inner classes, '$' is now also accepted.
  • @R:JSP: The working directory is now used as specified if it belongs to a web-application, else a hashvalue calculated by the context is appended to avoid clashes.
  • @O:JSP: after server start existing class files are used to skip compilation if possible.
2004-01-03 V1.3.1.51 (212311 bytes) Most important changes:
  • @B: fixed SMAPs for JSR-045 (JSP source debugging) support
  • @B: fixed broken fast DateFormat, which lost a year on Jan 01...
2003-12-18 V1.3.1.50 (212919 bytes)

  • @B: updated handling of attribute runtime value quotations.
2003-08-07 V1.2.1.47 (210101 bytes)

  • @B: enhanced/fixed generated SMAP info (JSR-045)
2003-08-01 V1.2.1.46 (209322 bytes)

  • @B context class loader for servlets is now set correctly. This solves some taglib issues.
2003-07-15 V1.2.1.45 (208936 bytes)

  • @N first public release
(c) by Stefan Bebbo Franke in 2000-2004, all rights reserved