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Dear visitor,

you find here BEJY, a Java server solution

  • written in 100% pure Java
  • small in size
  • great in performance

BEJY provides a generic multithreaded TPC/IP server implementation, with additional SSL, to plug different protocol implementations to. With the available HTTP, IMAP, SMTP, POP3 protocols and the HTTP-redirector protocol BEJY is a complete solution for hosting providers.

BEJY is production quality mail server, supporting POP3, IMAP4rev1 and SMTP, and is working perfectly with all well known solutions.

BEJY can work as a transparent proxy to facade several running instances.

Also ask for our Linux kernel patch, to use Java + ports < 1024 without root permissions.

Feel free to download and use it for non commercial purposes.

Please contact me if you are interested in commercial usage.

N E W BEJY Tiger

There is also BEJY Tiger, a stripped version, to run Java web applications out of the box.

Why would someone use BEJY Tiger?

There are many good reasons:

  • BEJY Tiger runs Java web applications out of the box, just drop them into the webapps folder.
  • BEJY Tiger supports JSP1.2 and servlet 2.3, the most used standard.
  • BEJY Tiger supports JSP source code debugging (JSR-045 SourceDebugExtensions), and works great with MyEclipse and Eclipse.
  • BEJY Tiger starts extremly fast, compiles fast, and speeds up your development cycle.
This and more makes BEJY Tiger a good alternative J2EE web container.

Try BEJY, love BEJY, enjoy BEJY.

Eclipse plugin
This plugin is no longer available from bejy.net. Go to MyEclipse to get it!
Added a plugin to use BEJY inside Eclipse.

Using this plugin enables JSP to Java translation and Java compilation at edit time. Errors are added to Task window and displayed in the JSP source. The running server later reuses the already compiled JSP pages. This leads to a major development speedup.
Also check the plugins FAQ page!

It also adds a JSP editor with code completion in embedded Java code.

This is also under non commercial license.

(c) by Stefan Bebbo Franke in 2000-2006, all rights reserved