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2016-04-24V1.6.7 932625 bMaintenance update
  • general
    • start to use for Logging.
    • added FastCGIHost element to run FastCGI servers (e.g. php-cgi)
    • CgiHandler may use a FastCGIHost to process the requests.
    • Replced the remaining Statements in MailDBI with PreparedStatements
    • Mail Config supports the use of a dns black list.
2015-12-23V1.6.4 921915 bMaintenance update
  • general
  • http
    • use Java servlet servlet api 3.1 and support its annotations
    • improved webapps reload
    • fixed CGI REQUEST_URI
    • fixed partial transfer mode
    • imap now supports MOVE
    • improved BODYSTRUCTURE response, roundcube now displays all attachments
    • new LDAP server included - using a XML file as data store
2014-08-22V1.6.2 885847 bMajor update
  • general
    • updated version info and fixed config files
    • refactored the ssl configuration: the ssl configuration now resides in bejy.xml top level. A server can use a ssl configuration with the new sslref element. e.g.:
      <sslref ref="ssl1" />
      refers to
      <ssl name="ssl1" ... />
      so you have to update your bejy.xml file!
    • server supports now certificate/key selection based on received host name
    • the mail database was modified to increase the user's password field.
      you must update your database!
      The password is now stored using PKCS5 PBKDF2.
    • smtp supports STARTTLS
    • fixed some rare smtp issues which preventet users from sending mails
    • added form based login
    • added roles to user groups - no role = DEFAULT role
    • war unloading now tries to kill leftover threads to retain all memory.
2013-07-23V1.5.1.69 666493 bMaintainance
  • thread scheduler
    • now a sample and hold mechanism is used to keep more waiting threads for a while.
    • fixed chunked Transfer mode
    • partial requests are now supported
    • fixed IMAP SEARCH for complex queries
    • added an increasing login delay if the login failes
2013-06-25V1.5.1.68 667685 bMaintainance
  • http
    • added support for fast-cgi
    • redirecting a query string to CGI no longer decodes the query string
    • added support for compressing static files
    • fixed IMAP SEARCH with unordered ids/ranges
    • IMAP SEARCH now supports date ranges correctly
    • added support for AUTHENTICATE PLAIN
    • added support for IDLE
    • fixed response if requesting multiple BODY parts
    • GREYLISTING is now available
2012-08-19V1.5.1.67 623604 bMaintainance version
  • security
    • added support for TLS1.1 and TLS1.2
    • example ships now a certificate using rsaSha
    • added a fallback feature, to redirect the data if it's not a SSL/TLS client. If your fallback connects to port 22 (SSHD) then you can use port 443 for SSH too.
    • improved decision when to forward an email or to send a note to avoid postmaster ping pong (if forward/note is blocked)
    • added proprietary macro %{l} to spf for more convenient filters in extendSpf.xml
    redirect proxy
    • fixed reply handling for 301, 302, 303 and 304
    • fixed handling of chunked HTTP responses.
2011-09-17V1.5.1.66 616399 bMaintainance version
  • J2SE 5.0 is now required
  • changed build system to BNM
  • HTTP
    • The JSP compiler uses a better algorithm to search the Java classes for javac.
    • added support for extendSpf.xml and overrideSpf.xml
      • extendSpf.xml is used to add SPF if there is no SPF information via DNS
      • overrideSpf.xml is used to override the SPF (sometime it's very wrong)
2010-04-10V1.4.1.65 602757 bMaintainance version
  • HTTP
    • Cookies with same name were added not replaced resulting in multiple cookies. This caused problems with logout/login mechanisms. FIXED
    • A rare race condition could cause 100% load while unsuccessfully sending an e-mail. FIXED
    • SPF applied the mx to the wrong domain thus valid senders were blocked. FIXED
    • GUESSPERMISSION: now only direct subdomains are accepted as sender. CHANGE
2009-11-25V1.4.1.64 600486 bMaintainance version
  • HTTP
    • The WelcomeHandler and FileHandler could forget to pass the QueryString if forwarding to a welcome file (index.php or so). FIXED
2009-11-18V1.4.1.63 600437 bMaintainance version
    • added the innate ability to change UID and GID under unix.
    • fixed a possible 100% load loop in the servers main loop because the streams were not marked as invalid.
    • SMTP authenticated users are no longer allowed to send from any account.
    • IMAP closing an unclosed result set
    • SPF added some DEBUG output
2008-03-14V1.4.1.62 681192 b Maintainance version
  • MAIL
    • SMTP: improved the 'guessPermission' algorithm to block spam
    • IMAP: completed the search command, thus also searching for body text is working
    • improved conformance and performance
2007-01-19V1.4.1.60a 654657 b Maintainance version
  • MAIL
    • SMTP: added support for SPF to reduce the count of false SPAMs
    • IMAP: fixed escaping of special characters in IMAP ENVELOPE
    • fixed getRequestURI in forward() and include()
    • added first support for servlet 2.4: new request listeners are working
    • enhance web admin interface
2006-03-21V1.4.1.58b 494863 bQuickfix
  • The commandline tool was broken.
  • Modified the behaviour in mail forwarding: now the local account is used in attempts to forward mails.
2006-03-20V1.4.1.58a (removed) 494872 bQuickfix
  • Fixed an important bug that caused emails to loose the trailing CRLF which made those mails undeliverable! With Linux you might use <pre>echo -e
    n >>mail/xxxx/yyyyyyyyyyyyyy</pre> where xxxx/yyyyyyyyyyyy is the mail file, to append the missing CRLF. Those mails are delivered after this fix.
2006-03-17V1.4.1.58 (removed) 494853 bAfter a longer period without public updates it is time for the next version. The changes of the version number from 1.3 to 1.4 reflects that the database model has been modified. The main focus of this release is the new admin console, but not only:
  • reworked the admin console for better usability
    • the configuration nodes moved to a navigation frame (tree)
    • added a mail config wizard which guides through mail setup and also support the migration from bejy V1.3.x.y to V1.4.1.58
    • the status of active servers is now visible
    • all scheduled tasks (e.g. mail garbage collector) are visible
    • recovery of lost emails or import from unix mailboxes is now possible
    • you can shutdown bejy via web browser (but reasonable not start again then)
    added few features to the email services
    • mailboxes support now a quota (total size) setting
    • sent mails which are moved to the SENT folder are marked as read
    version V1.4.1.58 also contains bug fixes
    • unclosed streams are now always properly closed
    • also DatagramSockets (used in DNS lookups) are always closed
    • removed some useless debug output (e.g. NPEs on cancelled SSL connects)
2004-12-16V1.3.1.56b 390758 bNew features were added to the mail capabilities:
  • support of multiple mail send threads, to speed up outgoing mail
  • configuration to add an external virus scanner for incoming mails, to reject such mails before DATA completes.
  • database connections are shared using a connection pool, to reduce the resource utilizazion with many IMAP users. There are also some bug fixes:
  • added log file messages for WAR unpacking and reading SSL configurations
  • fixed the class loading issue, so J2SDK1.4.2_05 and newer works again.
  • enhanced jsp:include to handle local redirects (302)
  • fixed alls issued to conform with jakarta watchdog