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A bundled archive with HTTP, RR, SMTP, POP3, servlets, JSP and SSL is available. Ready to use!
Since version V1.1.1.39 BEJY is shrink wrapped into one single archive. The single archives are no longer available at Check they will be available there soon.

... go get it and use it wisely!

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2004-04-16 V1.3.1.55 (379409 bytes) Most important changes:
  • @O improved startup speed
  • @O reduced memory usage
  • @N servlet container supports web.xml with roles mapped to configured groups in bejy.xml
  • @N BEJY Tiger now also loads a bejy.xml, are working here too.
  • @N LDAPUserGroup is working again, so roles (aka groups) can be mapped to LDAP by configuration.
2004-03-24 V1.3.1.54 (371331 bytes) Most important changes:
  • @B added missing unix start script to distributed zip archive
  • @V the protocols are now using new version information
  • @B catched an Exception in getPropertyClassNames() which refused the admin.jsp to work with some JDBC drivers
  • @B:MAIL added missing close() calls to Statements and ResultSets (which was safely recovered by bb_sql, but this is even better)
  • @B:IMAP FLAGS are now handled case insensitiv as required (kmail)
  • @B:HTTP: fixed handling of char encoding - characterEncoding is now applied correctly
  • @B:HTTP: setting a content-type sets also charEncoding
  • @R:servlet: fixed the broken welcome file list again
  • @R:servlet: servlet loading order is applied correctly
  • @B query strings in forward/include are now applied to the request
  • @B modified the method to select the correct servlet, might be still not perfect...
2004-01-09 V1.3.1.52 (373758 bytes) Most important changes:
  • @B:JSP: JSPs have the thread context class loader initialized, this solves issues with struts.
  • @B:JSP: fixed a possible resource leak from unclosed streams
  • @R:JSP: fixed the broken welcome file list.
  • @R:JSP: Exceptions are using
     formatting now
  • @R:JSP: relaxed class and type name handling for inner classes, '$' is now also accepted.
  • @R:JSP: The working directory is now used as specified if it belongs to a web-application, else a hashvalue calculated by the context is appended to avoid clashes.
  • @O:JSP: after server start existing class files are used to skip compilation if possible.
  • @B:RR: Redirector finally handles HTTP/1.1 properly and does no longer utilize a separate reader thread.
2004-01-03 V1.3.1.51 (373238 bytes) Most important changes:
  • @B: fixed SMAPs for JSR-045 (JSP source debugging) support
  • @B: fixed broken fast DateFormat, which lost a year on Jan 01...
  • @B: mail Inject now adds a from: line, if it is missing
2003-12-18 V1.3.1.50 (373951 bytes) Most important changes:
  • @O: faster mail file garbage collection
  • @B: IMAP now works also with java.mail.* based applications.
  • @B: added missing flush after QUIT command in smtp.
  • @N: Cookie: JSPSESSIONID is now always used with path=context.
2003-11-15 V1.3.1.49 (371584 bytes) This version uses an upgraded data base model. Read the migration page and follow those steps.

Most important changes:

  • @R: enhanced handling of mail forward and mail notifications.
  • @N: added server side mail auto responses
2003-08-07 V1.2.1.47 (347250 bytes) This version fixes the broken forwarding from V1.2.1.46.

Most important changes:

  • @B: fixed the used sender domain for forwarded mails.
  • @B: enhanced/fixed generated SMAP info (JSR-045)
  • @N: added a global mail log file.
2003-08-01 V1.2.1.46 (346173 bytes) due to forwarder bug, this version is not longer available

Most important changes:

  • @B: setting context class loader for servlets.
  • @R: added individual log files to protocols again.
  • @B: fixed the broken redirect protocol.
  • @N: mail spooler now chooses the appropriate IP address to send from.
2003-07-15 V1.2.1.45 (345384 bytes)

Most important feature is the JSR-045 support of the JSP compiler. The generated class files can now be used to debug your JSP code. Also have a look to webrunner BEJY Tiger

Most important changes:

  • @N: added JSR-045 support to JSP compiler.
  • @R: final change of the JSP name mangling: time stamp and path are no longer encoded into class names.
  • @N: added default values to easy the configuration
  • @B: fixed the restart of the redirect protocol

NOTE: The admin interface sill might need more testing!

2003-07-01 V1.2.1.43a (339273 bytes)

Since version 1.2.x.x BEJY is online configurable - this means you can modify everything without restarting the server. (Be careful and dont modify the admin server part!!!)

By selecting BEJY admin in the menu, a simple (ugly) but working admin page shows up. The default user is "admin" with no password. (You may change the password using the admin page).

To upgrade from older version, best way is, to create a new configuration with the admin interface and save the configuration, since the structure of the configuration file was changed. The current kind of "documentation" are the short descriptions displayed in the admin page.

This version also contains some new features and bug fixes, most important changes:

  • @B: fixed the servlet path for CGI handlers.
  • @R: changed the JSP name mangling
  • @N: mail resend options are now configurable
  • @N: mail server now uses the senders domain name to connect to foreign servers.
  • @N: added validateSender and validateServer features to add SPAM protection
  • @N: everything is now onliny configurable.

V1.2.1.43a: Added missing SQL scripts for mail database.

Everything SHOULD work as expected, but this version might need more testing!

2003-03-21 V1.1.1.42 (314968 bytes)
  • @B: fixed the passed CONTENT-TYPE for CGIs (e.g. multipart/form-data )
  • @N: added command CAPA to POP3
  • @I: preparation to support pipelined commands.
2003-02-06 V1.1.1.41 (314289 bytes)
  • @R: better email address handling. Now even Outlook Express should display all mails.
  • @B: fixed the loading of JDBC drivers in bejyMail mail injector. Also don't forget to add the JDBC jar which is also used from BEJY.
  • @B: bindAddr is the correct attribute name. Documentation is not yet updated, so read here an example:
    IMPORTANT: bindAddr only works, if you specify a backLog value. Recommendation is 50 for backLog.
2003-01-27 V1.1.1.40 (310254 bytes)
  • @N: implemented the missing IMAP commands CLOSE and EXAMINE to support squirrelmail.
  • @B: fixed the usage of a ResultSet after the Statement was used for executeUpdate(). Bug depended on JDBC driver.
  • @B: fixed some nasty messages in CGI handler under Windows XP.
  • @N: added some environment variables to enhance support of PHP4.3.
  • @N: Added backLog and bindAddress attributes to server configuration. Documentation is not yet updated, so read here an example:
  • @N: added a command line tool to inject mails. USAGE:
    java -cp lib/bejy.jar; [-C] [-L] +
    By default bejy.xml is read. You may change this by using the switch -C.

    A logfile can by specified using switch -L.

    1 to many mail files can be specified at once. The files are scanned for

    • From: - this is the sender. The sender must be a valid mail_user in BEJY.
    • To: - specifes the direct recipients.
    • Cc: - specifes the indirect recipients.
    • Bcc: - specifes the hidden recipients. The Bcc: part gets removed from the mail file.
    Don't forget to add the JDBC jar which is also used from BEJY.
2003-01-15 V1.1.1.39 (307k)
  • The server, its available protocols (HTTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP) are repackaged into one single JAR.
  • @I: Restructured the database classes for mail. Restructured some http classes.
  • @N: added shutdown methods and hooked shutdown.
  • @I: internal changes for future UI.
  • @B: JSP compiler discarded TABs
  • @B: JSP compiler did not handle expressions correctly containing " %\ "
  • @N: JSP: added support to map Java line numbers back to JSP file. This is used in the eclipse plugin.
older versions are no longer available
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