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Download BEJY Tiger the
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Usage: java [-?] [-p <port:8080>] [-c <javac>] [-l <logfile:*>] [-w <webapps>]\\
  -?            display this message\\
  -c <javac>    full path to javac, 'javac' is default\\
  -l <logfile>  a logfile to log to, '*' is default (stdout)\\
  -p <port>     use this port to listen on, '8080' is default\\
  -shutdown     shutdowns the server running in the same webapps folder\\
  -w <webapps>  path to webapps directory, './webapps' is default\\

... go get it and use it wisely!
2015-12-23V1.6.7 443846 bMaintenance update
  • http
    • added FastCGIHost element to run FastCGI servers (e.g. php-cgi)
    • CgiHandler may use a FastCGIHost to process the requests.
2015-12-23V1.6.4 433438 bMaintenance update
  • general
  • http
    • use Java servlet servlet api 3.1 and support its annotations
    • improved webapps reload
    • fixed CGI REQUEST_URI
    • fixed partial transfer mode
2014-08-2V1.6.2 424963 bMajor update
  • fixed WAR loading/reloading
  • updated version info and fixed config reading
  • http
    • added form based login
    • added roles to user groups - no role = DEFAULT role
    • war unloading now tries to kill leftover threads to retain all memory.
2013-07-23V1.5.1.69 411425 bMaintainance version
  • HTTP
    • updated to servlet 2.5
    • HTTP supports chunked mode, compression and partial transfer.
2012-08-20V1.5.1.67 384448 bMaintainance version
  • HTTP
    • updated to servlet 2.5
    • support for TLS1.1 and TLS1.2
2010-04-10V1.4.1.65 331917 bMaintainance version
  • HTTP
    • Cookies with same name were added not replaced resulting in multiple cookies. This caused problems with logout/login mechanisms. FIXED
2009-11-25V1.4.1.64 330725 bMaintainance version
  • HTTP
    • The WelcomeHandler and FileHandler could forget to pass the QueryString if forwarding to a welcome file (index.php or so). FIXED
2009-11-18V1.4.1.63 330636 bMaintainance version
    • added the innate ability to change UID and GID under unix.
    • fixed a possible 100% load loop in the servers main loop because the streams were not marked as invalid.
2008-03-14V1.4.1.62a 328453 bMaintenance release
  • improved conformance and performance
2007-01-12V1.4.1.60a 319894 bMaintenance release
  • this release is now using serlvet 2.4 which is the reason for the bigger file...
    • there are not yet all servlet 2.4 features, it's just starting, applications which use serlvet 2.3 still work unaffected by this change.
      • the new listeners are supported
      • no support for EL yet
    fixes in handling of the thread context class loader
  • fixed getRequestURI in forward and include (which reported always the main URI)
  • added the ability to specify *.link files in webapps folders:
    • *.link files are text files
    • the first line specifies the path to the webroot, the link name is the alias to access the webapp
    • so the file .link connects a folder to the root context
2006-03-17V1.4.1.58 230568 bMaintenance release since a new BEJY version was released.
2005-01-17V1.3.1.56b 231148 bNew features were added:
  • BEJY Tiger also reads a config file (bejy.xml), so users and groups can be defined there and used via security-constraints in the web.xml. There are also some bug fixes:
  • added log file messages for WAR unpacking and reading SSL configurations
  • fixed the class loading issue, so J2SDK1.4.2_05 and newer works again.
  • enhanced jsp:include to handle local redirects (302)
  • fixed alls issued to conform with jakarta watchdog